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FTP Server

Our solutions for FTP server is based on the Gene6 FTP engine. Running on Windows envrionment and widely used by global hosting providers who are offering windows based FTP access to their customers. With Gene6 popularity among hostingprivders provides proof of its stability and security.

The ease of use and advanced features of Gene6 FTP makes it the perfect choice for any organizations looking for an alternative and ecure way of transferring and sharing files anytime and anywhere.

If you are a hsoting provider Gene6 FTP Server is supported by the following hosting control panels.

Hosting Accelerator
MachPanel Provisioning System

For corporate users, the adavanced and flexible user account amangement and support for SSL connections makes it the top choice for Windows based FTP server system

Gene6 FTP server can also be sued for local file sharing, download sites for your website or Intranet and more.

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