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At SAV25 Data Systems, we just do not sell products or licenses. We are not your traditional IT retailer or  so called one-stop shop for all your IT needs . We offer only unique and appropriate solutions and technologies backed up by our professional services. We continuously perform testing and research in our labs to be able to deliver high quality services to our customer and to achieve our goal of becoming the premier solutions provider in the IT industry. Founded in 1999, SAV25* DATA SYSTEMS is a dynamic, fast growing and innovative distribution, solutions and service company for the…

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Assessment and Evaluation

Huge emphasis is placed on the assessment element of any project, because we understand the importance of providing solid foundations from which to build reliable and stable solutions. It is at this very early stage that we gather specific information from the customer about their requirements and what they want to achieve. We analyze the information and submit plan on how we can deploy the solutions based on acceptable standards.

Installation Services

Ensures that our software is installed, deployed and configured in accordance with requirements of the customer. This is generally targeted for medium, corporate and large enterprise installation wherein customer and/or the products involved may require technical planning and discussion prior to deployment to minimize or avoid any downtime. Typically our Firewall, email, network monitoring , DNS and other core network solutions may use this deployment service

Remote Support Plan

Is an optimum alternative to on-premises support after the initial installation. This service enhances your upgrade and support package to provide flexible and fast support, for instance, during re- installation, when you need to move a product to a new server, want to upgrade to newer versions etc

On-Site Support Plans

To augment our Remote and Installation services,  we offer packaged maintenance services to provide on site support for our products. If you will prefer to have SAV25 engineers on site to personally assist you with our products, this optional services will suit your needs. You can use any of our on site maintenance plans for assistance on product configuration, troubleshooting, installation, re-installation , software updates and updating and upgrading.

Our products are the building blocks of all our solutions. All our products are supplied by our selected technology partners who are true experts and specialists on their chosen technology. We have formal supply agreements with our partners to ensure long-term access to products and technology, as well as the necessary training and customer care, so that you are fully supported at every stage.