We believe that a properly designed solution can vastly reduce cost and enable flexible working for organizations of any size and complexity. 

For this reason we have designed a service plan to help customers plan and design the solutions prior to the official implementation.

Components of our Assessment and Evaluation Services

Huge emphasis is placed on the assessment element of any project, because we understand the importance of providing solid foundations from which to build reliable and stable solutions. It is at this very early stage that we gather specific information from the customer about their requirements and what they want to achieve. We analyze the information and submit plan on how we can deploy the solutions based on acceptable standards.

Our Demonstration suite works hand in hand with our assessment staging, but the focus is shifted towards proof of concept and advanced feature testing. Whether the objective is to explore advanced features, test if the offered technology will solve current network issues or simply to try before you buy, we have a solution for you.

Our engineers deploy solutions based on the predefined design and vendor best practice.  Every solutions we offer has undergone testing in the lab environment which is continued throughout all stages of the project delivery cycle. Our focus emphasis is placed on functionality, failover and backup testing,  in order to ensure when we leave site, we leave a robust, stable and fully operational system behind, and above all resolves issues and increase productivity.

After the installation and testing is completed, customer decides on the type of services they need for the full implementation and maintenance of the solution. Please visit our on site installation, on site support and remote support plans for the available services after the testing has been completed.