Secure, user friendly and cost effective authentication

Simple combinations of username and passwords are one of the major reasons for larger security incidents and breaches, a situation that can no longer be trusted for protection of business applications and sensitive data. 

Claviser EasyAccess with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) provides the strength of security needed to protect your environment against these issues. By leveraging something the user already has, knows and can answer, our MFA solution enables a seamless and cost effective solution to authenticate users.

At the heart of your strong authentication solution is our Multi Factor Authentication Server, the beefiest bouncer around, keeping cyber criminals at bay and out of your network. The MFA Server communicates with Clavister Next Generation Firewalls, your user directories and keeps track of all the One Time Passwords. The server is designed for rapid installation and requires minimal administration to offer great protection for your company.  




Scalable Licensing

Our licensing and business model that is based on number of users, which means it scales seamlessly with the size of your organization.

Quick Deployment

The MFA server is incredibly easy to install. In fact, most customers can be up and running with strong authentication within an hour.

Robust and Reliable

Redundant and scalable for high availability.

Smart Integration

Clavister MFA is perfectly integrated with the Clavister Next Generation Firewalls, especially when using the One Touch application as a software token.