DNS protocol is unencrypted by default. That is why it is a must for every network engineer to take control and configure the filtering of DNS traffic to provide security which can be done through firewalls and DNS blacklisting. Typically, a firewall examines all DNS queries and filters out any dangerous domains such as with contents inappropriate for minors of age, or websites with a lot of malwares, viruses, etc. which can terribly affect your network if accessed carelessly. 

There are two types of blacklisting which are both available in Simple DNS Plus – DNS blacklisting or Domain blacklisting.

DNS Blacklisting

Domain Blacklisting

DNS blacklists are typically used with e-mail servers to filter spam and other unwanted e-mails. DNS blacklists also known as DNSBL / RBL which is an IP based blacklisting. These are spam blocking lists that allow a website administrator to block messages from specific systems that have a history of sending spam. 

On the other hand, Domain blacklisting can be used to block banner advertisements, pornographic websites, malicious websites, etc. Domain blacklisting is very easy to perform to impose policies in your company or in your home to prevent access on inappropriate websites for work or for your family especially if you have children. 

As a DNS service hosting provider, you have the full access and control of all the blocking of unwanted, inappropriate, malicious, etc. domains and DNS to help your employees become productive and efficient in their work for industries/companies, and to prevent children of minor ages to access adult contents in a family’s network.