Our FTP Server helps users with file sharing without worrying of undelivered emails due to a large size of attachments which are usually a company’s file sharing dilemma. Its key features are Custom Web Forms, Events, Built-In Reporting, Server Dashboard, Monitor and Graphs, High Availability Transfers, Alerts, Sharing

Custom Web Forms

Specify custom forms for welcoming a user on their first visit to your site, or for asking additional information about uploads


Generate emails with a list of uploads a user just made, or many other various tasks

Built-in Reporting

Monitor what the server is doing as well as users' activities

Server Dashboard

Sharing screen for presentations and for better visualizations

Monitor and Graphs

Preventing other unnecessary background details to be included on the video

High Availability Transfers

Keeps from having any perceivable down time to your end users


Notification Alerts

Notify other users for a new and/or modified shared file/folder



Allow users to share items and creates unique temporary links that can be automatically emailed out

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