Our Deployment / Installation Services are designed to vastly improve the success installation of our products and solutions at your premises. We have several options to deploy our products and solutions and are exceptional compliments to our award winning product lineup.

Select from our optional installation service plans to help you maximize the value of our products and solutions.


Depending on the size and type of the project, longer installation period may be necessary to provide all the features listed below.

  • Pre-installation planning session to determine the scope of works.
  • Provides on-site installation service at customer site and ensures that our solution is installed, deployed and configured in accordance with the requirements of your organization.
  • Optimization 
    Necessary adjustments and review of installation to ensure that the solution complies with the preset standard and plan and shall have a stable  function  we will ensure that our products are installed and complies with Best Practice , latest Industry standards and with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.
  • Availability 
    Monday to Saturday excluding holidays .  Six (6) hours session per visit
  • The number of on site installation service largely depends on the size and type of the project.
  • Technology Handover 
    Learn the essential skills needed to troubleshoot and manage the installed solution. Delivered onsite and includes the following:
    • Overview of the Solution platform
    • User-interface navigation and features
    • Troubleshooting and  tuning of installed solution and configured functions
    • Knowledge transfer 
      This serves as our basic training and is based on the installed solution and the activated features / function of the product . Basic training does not provide  a comprehensive general product training but is enough to provide you with necessary skills to manage our solution based on enabled features at time of installation.
  • For pricing and other questions, contact solutions@sav25.com