Our Network Monitoring Tool will give you full visibility of all your IT assets. All devices can be monitored from Ping, Uptime, Traffic, etc. as long as it has an IP address and is SNMP enabled. Its key features are Flexible alerting, In-Depth Reporting, Maps and Dashboards, Device and Sensors Management, Cluster Failover Solution, Distributed Monitoring, Sensor Customization

Flexible Alerting

Real-time alerting for any discovered problems or unusual metrics

In-Depth Reporting

Accurate and in-depth reporting for data analysis

Maps and Dashboards

Visualize network using real-time maps with live status information

Device & Sensors Management

Hierarchical view of devices and sensors for easy and fast viewing and management

Cluster Failover Solution

Automatic failover handling in worse server cases

Distributed Monitoring

Monitor several networks in different locations and distribute load

Sensor Customization

Customize and extend the functionality of PRTG using HTTP API or custom sensors

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