Domain Name Server is like the Internet’s version of yellow pages or phonebook which matches a website URL to an IP address. However, DNS is composed of two parts which are the Recursive and Authoritative. Continue reading below to learn more.

How does Recursive and Authoritative DNS relate?

Every time you type in a website address on your browser, it needs to find its matching IP address for that domain name you are trying to visit since computers communicate with each other by numbers. It sends a request first to your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) recursive DNS. But if your ISP’s recursive server is having issues, you may opt for some other globally available public recursive DNS servers of which are famous are Google, Cloudflare, OpenDNS, etc. But the best recommendation for a recursive DNS is our Simple DNS Plus hosted by SAV25 or Simple DNS Plus hosted exclusively by your company.

Moving on, a recursive DNS might already have the IP address you are looking for, stored on its cache for easy access. But if it doesn’t, it will go to the root servers with physical servers located around the globe for redundancy which manage requests for appropriate top level domains like .com if is what you are trying to access, or .net of other websites. That top level domain server .com will then contact authoritative DNS which contains authoritative list of IP address with its matching URLs which is updated every now and then, every time a new domain is registered. Once the IP address is retrieved, it sends back to the recursive DNS and then to your computer or browser.

Both your computer and the recursive DNS you are using will store all the data or entries on its cache for future’s easy access and to quickly retrieve. Which means that every time you try to visit or access again, you won’t have to go through the fuss of recursive to authoritative DNS. Instead, once cached, the IP address is already saved and is available on your computer or in your recursive DNS.

SAV25’s Redundant Authoritative DNS and Its Benefits

Just like the thirteen (13) root servers which manage requests for top level domains, our authoritative DNS also use redundant DNS servers on three (3) locations to make sure that all DNS requests are handled expeditiously. Not only can we handle requests swiftly but also to ensure a perfect score of 100% for availability.

SAV25 offers this kind of DNS services with the help of our Simple DNS Plus on 3 locations – SAV25 Local Area Network, Phoenix and Atlanta – as Authoritative DNS redundancy to be well-aware and be ready from unfortunate occurrences caused by DDoS attacks, DNS spoofing or also known as cache poisoning, server failures, or configuration errors which all of these if overlooked will have a great impact on a company’s reputation and production.