Our Remote Support Services are an optimum alternative to on-premises support after the initial installation. This service enhances your upgrade and support package to provide flexible and fast support, for instance, during re- installation, when you need to move a product to a new server, want to upgrade to newer versions, troubleshooting issues, technical consultation  etc.

We provide three Remote support plans – StandardPremium  and our new Basic Remote Support. 


What’s included with our Standard Remote Support Plan

  • Phone and Email support 
    Professional and prompt phone and email support available for  all  our solutions during business  hours. Phone support includes answering all incoming calls from the customer involving reasonable technical support related to our products. 
  • Remote Desktop / Remote Access Support 
    Using our remote access service , we can provide you with quick – response and resolution for all your product support requests. Using native remote desktop tools of your choice (ie windows native RD, TeamViewer , etc…) we can remotely access your application for faster analysis and resolution.
  • Support Ticketing System 
    We will make sure that for every support request , a unique support ID number is assigned and the status monitored. Response and resolutions are delivered within business day and for support tickets requiring deeper analysis elevated in real time to our partners/developer . We find ways to resolve each support ticket the soonest possible time.
  • 24/7 Access to our Web Based Tutorial and Knowledge base 
    As part of our commitment to provide innovative and reliable services to our customers, we have prepared a customized on-line tutorial and knowledge base portals for all our products. On our self-help portals you can find detailed, easy to follow step by step guide in using our products. This makes our products even easier to manage for our customers. 
  • Availability 
    Phone, Email and remote desktop support available during standard business hours of Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Philippine Time – excluding holidays. If you need remote support beyond these time, you should consider our Premium Support Plan.
  • Response time 
    Same day response and resolution largely depends


Enjoy greater peace of mind with priority problem resolution and support for our solutions that are fully integrated into your IT operations. With our Premium Support plan, we will customize your support agreement based on your requirements. You get everything included in our Standard Remote Support, plus the following benefits:

  • Extended Support Hours 
    If your need remote support beyond our standard business hours , then Premium support plan is right for you. We will customize your support hours based on the requirements of your organization / network. Our Standard Remote Support available during our business hours which is from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm excluding holidays. If you require support beyond our standard business hours, then get our Premium remote support plan.
  • Dedicated Engineers to assist you in resolving technical issues and managing your support Tickets 
  • Stricter Service Level Agreement guarantees for support cases
  • With Premium remote Support we will co-manage your network with you 
    We will not just answer your question but assist you in monitoring and managing your network to avoid downtime and outages. This is important for our  solutions deployed in your critical infrastructure


This is the latest edition to our remote support plans . Designed for Network Administrators who prefer to manage their own networks and requires minimal with assistance from us. Instructions or inquiries and response is next business day. You also will be given access to our web based knowledge and tutorials for self-help.