Our Service Based Firewalls can work with your existing firewall. If you need a dedicated firewall or any networking function to lessen the load on your existing firewall or devices, this is what you need. This can also provide additional layer of firewalling for your network to increase security. Our Service Based Firewall is for specific application of your network. This means that it can do other network functions that are not present on other firewalls or functions that cannot be fully optimized due to lack of capabilities on their current firewall. This has Routing & Load Balancing, Firewalling, Application Visibility & Control, Secure Network Zones, Network & Server Attack Protection, Active Traffic Optimization

Routing & Load Balancing

Avoid downtime and secure business continuity


Securing IT resources for all incoming and outgoing network traffic

Application Visibility & Control

Control applications and user behavior to optimize network resource usage

Secure Network Zones

Network segmentation to protect company’s digital assets

Network & Server Attack Protection

Intrusion detection & prevention systems plus DoS protection

Active Traffic Optimization

Traffic prioritization securing preferred use of resources

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