Keep your NETWORK systems running at optimum performance and get more value with SAV25 Support.

Find the Support That Best Serves Your Business

We offer a diverse and unique range of support services, including multi-year plans,remote access support, on-premise services,  online support portal, technical training, continuous technical learning programs, technical workshops and more. Our engineers  can help with everything from implementation and maintenance to system improvements and innovation strategies.

Our Support and Services Plans at a Glance

SAV25 Standard Support

Standard support offers prompt remote access support with OPTIONAL scheduled on-site service to disruptive issues, and preventive maintenance and microcode updates during local business hours. Business hours is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Philippine time.

SAV25 Advanced Support

Our Advanced support and services offers immediate support for business-critical environments with option to extend support hours beyond local business hours , same day on-site responses, customization of our software and rush delivery of replacement parts.

SAV25 Premium Support

Our Premium support is our latest addition to our support packages. This service includes our Continuous training and learning program, Remote Access support, on-site services and option to extend support hours beyond local business hours. This plan is our Advanced support and Training programs integrated into a single package.

SAV25 Training & Certification

As the only authorized partner in the Philippines of Paessler GMBH and Clavister AS for PRTG Network Monitor and Clavister Network Security products respectively, we offer technical training and certification. We also provide training for our HCI , Virtualization and Storage Systems.