VSistema is a virtualized network infrastructure which provides solutions for virtualization, network management, network security, and network essentials. VSistema’s one of its goals is achieving a centralized management to control the whole network IT infrastructure. This solution is provided locally by SAV25 which means all support will be directed to us, and are able to assist clients immediately. Since most of the companies are slowly shifting into virtual environments because they say it costs less, why not bring the entire network infrastructure on a virtualize environment. Manage your entire network infrastructure fast and easy and just focus on one platform for monitoring and management of your network, from network security to network essentials tools. Not only does it provide virtualization of all your networking elements, it can also let clients/users create their own virtual machines or host their own servers and/or applications using our VMs.

VSistema Components

VS Portal

VS portal is where you can gain fast and easy access on your VS systems and applications. This is cost-effective in a sense that you may not require a large team to configure and/or monitor your resources since it is designed for a user friendly interface.

Identity and Access Management

This will help users to access their system and/or applications securely with fast and easy features. This includes Multi-Factor Authentication, Password Self Service, Single Sign On, and One Touch and One Pass.


Basically from the name itself, its main feature is virtualization. The rest of the features are data replication, automatic fail over solution, disaster recovery solution and storage

VSistema Network Security Components

Network Security is a must on a network infrastructure to prevent intruders and DDOS attacks and to secure everything on your system in order to run smoothly. Our network security has the following key features:

  • Application Control
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Built in Anti- Virus
  • Email Control
  • File Control
  • Geo Location Filtering
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Scheduling
VSistema Network Essentials

When we say of network essential tools, Vsistema has all of it: Network Monitoring Tool, Conferencing Tool, Web Server, FTP Server, Virtual Private Network, Web Infrastructure.

VSistema High Availability

Our High Availability solution is provided for the entire network infrastructure and not per application which is a very important solution a company must have to prevent negative effects occurring on their production.

You do not need to purchase all VS services and components. Get only what you need now and upgrade later. With VSistema, you will have a clear roadmap for your network Infrastructure – which is a redundant, always available data, disaster recovery ready, all apps run on single but scalable and redundant infrastructure. No need to test and evaluate so many 3rd party applications and figure out how you can make them work together. With VSistema, all is included from network security to virtualization and network essentials.