At SAV25 we are constantly seeking to find new and innovative solutions for our customers and for the IT industry. We build our solutions  using our unique “Integrate and Aggregate” approach to technology (I&A).  With our expertise and experience in developing our own systems either via API , SDK or by building our own codes from the ground up, we combine different technologies to build new and powerful solutions. Through our own intensive research and product testing we have  come up with unique and innovative solutions to help customers manage and secure any size and type of network.

Using this concept of I&A, we now have developed VSistema – our all in one IT Infrastructure solution for any size and type of network or organization. We have established the most appropriate solutions and services to suit that particular organization’s requirements, which would be dependent on factors such as industry, budget and compliance standards. We have a dedicated in-house technical team with the skills and expertise to fully support our products and services. Our customers are guaranteed the highest service standards available.

Our unique technology solutions can help solve your most pressing network and technology challenges while enabling your team to focus on core business requirements. We can help you improve network availability & communications , enhance customer service,  increase  productivity and boost the bottom line through an optimized technology environment.

What's inside Vsistema

VSistema Portal

Vsistema provides quick access to VS systems and applications, so it is easier for IT personnel to use it. Especially with IT departments that do not have a team or lacking at personnel for dedicated infrastructure engineers.

Identity and Access Management

This will help users to access their system and/or applications securely with these fast and easy features – Multi-Factor Authentication, Password Self Service, Single Sign On, One Touch and One Pass. These will help get rid of intruders, give access to users for easy password management, and a swift and easy access to applications securely.


Companies are slowly shifting into virtual environments since they cost-effective, that is why Vsistema exists. Vsistema provides virtualization of your network infrastructure which includes Virtual Machines where you can create one or more, Virtual Network, and Virtual Storage. Our Vsistema is ready for data replication, automatic fail over solution and disaster recovery solution.

Network Security

Network Security is a must on a network infrastructure to prevent intruders and DDOS attacks and to secure everything on your system in order to run smoothly. This is also to make sure that your network is running 24/7 securely. Our network security has the following key features – Application Control, Web Content Filtering, Built-in Anti-Virus, Email Control, File Control, Geolocation Filtering, Multi-Factor Authentication and Scheduling.


Network Essentials

When we say of network essential tools, Vsistema has all of it: Network Monitoring Tool, Conferencing Tool, Web Server, FTP Server, Virtual Private Network, Web Infrastructure. All of these will assist remote workers with secured file sharing and secured online conferencing, and high availability enabled web infrastructure management.

Network Monitoring

Vsistema Network Monitoring Tool will give full visibility of all the IT assets of the company. All devices are monitored from Ping Time, Uptime, Traffic, etc. as long as it has an IP address and is SNMP enabled. It empowers IT staff to take control and introduce strategic measures to avoid downtime.

Our Solutions